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Social Choice
Kaname Miyagishima
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Entitlement Theory of Justice and End-State Fairness in the Allocation of Goods
Biung-Ghi Ju  1, *@  , Juan Moreno-Ternero  2@  
1 : Seoul National University  (Seoul National University)  -  Website
1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-742 -  South Korea
2 : Universidad Pablo de Olavide  (UPO)
* : Corresponding author

Robert Nozick allegedly introduced his liberal theory of private ownership as an objec-

tion to theories of end-state justice. Nevertheless, we show that, in a stylized framework

for the allocation of goods in joint ventures, both approaches can be seen as complemen-

tary. More precisely, in such a context, self-ownership (the basis for Nozick's entitlement

theory of justice) followed by voluntary transfer (Nozick's principle of just transfer) can

lead to end-state fairness (as well as Pareto eciency). Furthermore, under a certain soli-

darity condition, the only way to achieve end-state fairness, following Nozick's procedure,

is to endorse an egalitarian rule for the initial assignment of rights.

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